Bocas del Atrato diverse territory

Doorway to the Darien Gap and Choco Regions, two of the most biodiverse places on Earth

Vast areas of mangrove forests, unique in world due to the extraordinary quantity of fresh water

Rich in enigmatic animal and birdlife, including species found nowhere else on Earth

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ExperienceCommunity Life

A complete cultural emersion experience that will allow you to disconnect from daily life and experience the world at a different pace in one of the most beautiful and complex ecosystems on earth. 

Enjoy, learn and discover in the heart of the mangrove forest.

Disconnect from daily routine and enjoy a complete cultural emersion experience in the heart of the mangrove forest. Staying as our guest within the community this program is designed to take you beyond the bounds of ordinary tourism.  It will allow you to experience sharing our simple but joyful way of life and gain a deeper understanding about living in harmony with the natural world that surrounds us.        

We are proud of our culture and want to share it with our guests.   Your stay with us will allow us to share our story.  It will also give you the chance to learn new skills, like artisanal fishing techniques passed on through generations of fishermen, cook local dishes (with your own catch if you wish!), learn to create handicrafts from seeds and pods, we will even pass on our secrets of how we manage to get our pots so incredibly shiny and our white clothes so immaculately clean! 

Our trained local community guides will show you how our mangrove forests are vital ecosystems, not only for the exceptional biodiversity they support, but also for the host of services and goods, critical to the well-being of our community that they provide.  Sharing their knowledge and passion to ensure you have a memorable experience during your time as our guest.

Wildlife Highlights ofBocas del Atrato

Experience the stunning array of biological riches found within the vast swathes of mangrove forests of Bocas del Atrato, one of the most beautiful and complex ecosystems on earth.

Enjoy, learn and discover in the heart of the mangrove forest.

The vast complex of mangroves, rivers, creeks and bays that comprises Bocas del Atrato are located between the Darien Gap and the Choco region, two of the most biodiverse places on earth.  This makes for a stunning array of plant, bird, mammal and fish life in one of the most beautiful and complex ecosystems on earth.  

During your time with us you will have the chance to paddle through a network of narrow creeks and see the five different kinds of mangrove found here.  You will have chance to observe some of the rare and beautiful birdlife of our mangroves including the Sooty-capped Puffbird (Bucco noanamae), found nowhere else on earth and the critically endangered Saphire-bellied Hummingbird (Lepidopyga lilliae). 

Together with your local community guide you will spend time searching the canopy of the forests to try and spot Red Howler Monkeys (Alouatta seniculus), Cotton-top Tamarin (Saguinus oedipus), Three-toed Sloths (Bradypus) and giant Iguanas, and if luck is on your side, you may even see the endangered Manati (Trichechus manatus)

We also want your time with us to include some time getting to know us as a community.  We are the proud guardians of the mangrove, and we want your time with us to include the chance to get to know us too, to share our way of life and some of the challenges we face in conserving this amazing ecosystem for future generations.     

We are waiting for you in

Bocas del Atrato

Activities to do in Bocas

The best of community tourism in the Colombian mangrove swamp

100% Community owned and run; live alongside our community, sharing our way of life

Taste and learn to prepare local cuisine, with fresh ingredients and our famous local flavours

Learn artisanal fishing techniques passed down through generations of fishermen

Tourist opinions

Bocas del Atrato offers a warm welcome to our Afro-descendant community nestled on the banks of the Atrato River in the North of Colombia, in the heart of one of the most important and complex ecosystems on Earth.  With spectacular scenery, vast swathes of mangrove forest, crystalline lagoons and huge diversity of wildlife, staying with us offers you the chance not only to immerse yourself in the exceptional nature surrounding us, but also to learn about our culture and our way of life. Take the chance to step out of your daily life and experience how we live in peace with one another and in harmony with the mangrove forests we are proud to be guardians of.

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