With its unique location, Bocas del Atrato is becoming increasingly recognised as an important place for scientists and students to study mangrove ecosystems.  Since 2017 we have received around 150 students each year, which has been one of the most important sources of visitors to our community and we are now very experienced and well placed to welcome student groups.   

With its vast swathes of mangroves and rich plant and animal life Bocas del Atrato is the perfect place to investigate the diversity of mangrove forest organisms and understand how mangrove forest systems work.   It also offers the chance to look at disturbed and undisturbed mangrove forests for comparison and the opportunity to learn more about the complex processes involved in managing our mangrove forests in a sustainable manner. 

We offer not only lodging, food and logistics, but our local community guides can help with guidance.    



Food is prepared using fresh local ingredients, typically using some of the regions specialities of seafood and fish, banana, coconut.   If the group has special dietary requirements such as vegetarians, vegans, intolerance of allergies we need to have this information in advance to ensure we can accommodate their needs.

Free Time

La Sabalera

Close to the community is a small lagoon of crystalline waters surrounded by that makes for a perfect spot for swimming.  You can reach this lagoon on foot from the village at the end of the mangrove trail. 


Learn to fish with a local artisanal fisherman at this beautiful salt water bay with a large population of oysters and a large diversity of seabirds and in some times of the year you can be lucky enough to see dolphins here.

Bocas del Atrato

Take time to relax in our village itself, live like a local and take advantage of the chance of a haircut with a local hairdresser or partake in some simple pole and line fishing in the waters around the village.